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What are you partner’s worst bedtime habits?

Sometimes if we have difficulty sleeping its not always due to an issue we have ourselves.Sharing a bed with a significant other can be one of the nicest things about being in a relationship; some people even claim they cannot sleep when their partner is away but this intimacy can lead to some negative side-effects.

Dont worry though most of these can be remedied!


Snoring is probably one of the most common bugbear between couples in the bedroom and although women can be culprits too, the majority of snorers are men.Snoring happens when the airway in your windpipe narrows preventing air from moving freely.It can be reduced or eliminated by cutting down on your alcohol intake, losing weight, lying on your side or using a pillow which helps to open up your airways. You can find out here how Reflex Pillow can help with this.

Hogging the bed and the duvet

Maybe not as serious as snoring but waking up in the middle of the night when your partner has robbed the whole duvet is no fun especially in the winter. Whats even worse is when you wake up at the edge of the bed because they have assumed the starfish position.

Sleep talking

Known medically as simniloquy, sleep talking can manifest itself in mindless giberish or sometimes the sufferers may seem to carry out very coherant conversations. This can be either entertaining or very annoying for the person who is awake but if you tend to chatter in your sleep, be careful you dont expose any secrets!

Eating in bed

You may have heard the term “I wouldnt kick him/her out of bed for eating crisps” but this usually refers to the George Clooney/ Angelina Jolie types. In the real world, there is nothing worse than a partner eating in bed and leaving crumbs all over the place! An exception can be made for breakfast in bed though.

Jokes aside, lack of sleep can play havoc on a relationship. Whether its crankiness due to tiredness or resentment due to being kept awake by the other person. We spend one third of our lives asleep so its important to get it right!

Reflex Pillow can help reduce snoring, neckpain, insomnia and other sleep issues and we’d like to help bring harmony back to YOUR bedroom by offering a pair of His & Her’s Reflex Pillows

So what are YOUR parters really annoying bedtime habits? The funniest story wins the prize!

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