Johann Callaghan is known for her work in health,wellness and sleep and has recently launched her new book “How to get a Good Night’s Sleep” and we have teamed up with her to offer you a free copy of this excellent resource with every purchase of Reflex Pillow starting this Easter Weekend!

How to get a Good Night’s Sleep is an in-depth and comprehensive read dealing with the importance of sleep and how you can improve yours. It tackles topics such as sleep disorders, sleep aids, the process of sleep, hormones and most importantly, tips on how best to get a good night’s sleep in a society overwhelmed by busy lifestyles and the over use of electronic devices.

One of the selling points of the book is its simplicity and accessibility in how it presents a balanced mix of science and common sense. The section about sleep process and sleep cycles is facinating yet easy to understand. Why do some people wake up feeling more tired than when they went to bed even though they go to bed early? This can usually be explained by studying sleep cycles and how long you spend in deep sleep (Rapid Eye Movement sleep) versus non REM sleep, which is a lighter sleep.

The chapter on sleep disorders is very illuminating and explains how we can treat conditions such as Sleep Apneoa, Snoring and Insomnia. Johann breaks down a number of sleeping aids from prescribed medication and over the counter options to natural sleep solutions. While at times medication may be needed, generally we are all better off trying out the natural remedies first such as burning lavender oils or taking Melissa Dream or Valarian drops and also looking at how to improve our bed-time routines.

And if you thought that having a cup of hot milk before bed was an old wives tale – think again! Milk contains L-tryptophan which makes serotonin which in turn makes melatonin- the sleep hormone!

This book is full of great tips and tricks on how to improve your wellness by improving your sleep and we highly recommend it.

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