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How to stop snoring: Top Tips From Sleep Experts

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How to stop snoring: Top Tips From Sleep Experts

how to stop snoring

Snoring while sleeping can disturb you or your partners sleep. Even though it is not bothering you too much, it is not a condition to ignore ignore. As per experts, snoring could be a potential sign of more serious problems including sleep deprivation, obesity, or an issue with the structure of your nose and mouth. Our experts at Reflex Pillow have combined a list of some of the best tips on how to stop snoring at night.

  1. Reflex Pillow

The reflex pillow has been specifically designed in order for you to get a good nights sleep. The rectangular shape with a flat base and two head dips divided by a ridge in the center prevents your head from rolling over. By keeping your head in the right position on the pillow, your neck will also be maintained in the right position. Due to this, the air passages will not be blocked or obstructed and thus will allow you to breathe properly.

Proper breathing will ensure that you no longer snore during the night and that the sleep of yours or your partner will not be disturbed anymore.

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  1. Avoid Mouth Breathing

One of the most common reasons for snoring is breathing through the mouth as you sleep through the night. Not only does it trigger your snoring during the night but it is also unhealthy for your overall health. Thus, making it more important to correct and do something about it. One way to tackle the mouth breathing problem is to use a mouth shield or snoring guard. It will prevent you from breathing through your mouth, and instead, promote breathing through the nose.

  1. Sleep On The Side

Another common reason that can lead to snoring in the night is the tongue relaxing and falling back into the throat and thus blocking the airways as you sleep. As this problem only arises when you sleep on the back, there is quite a simple solution for it. Start sleeping on the side or in a prone position.

  1. Exercise Palatal Tissue

Snoring is usually connected with weakness of the tissue in your mouth. Tissues in the oral cavity start to vibrate when breathing air rushes through and over it. And this only happens when the tissue is loose or unexercised. When you exercise your palatal tissue, you can effectively reduce your snoring habit.

  1. Improve Nasal Breathing

Having impaired nasal breathing is one of the most common reasons for snoring. Snoring mostly happens in the rear throat area or in the transient area between the pharynx or oral cavity. It won’t be possible for you to stop snoring while your nose is congested. However, to improve nasal breathing you can start using a nasal dilator that is also known as a snoring clip.

These are some of the best ways for you to stop snoring and sleep more effectively during the night, without disturbing your own or your partners’ sleep.

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