Would You Like to Wake Up EVERY MORNING Feeling Refreshed, Energized and FREE from Aches, Pains and Stiffness?

This unique, patented and truly revolutionary design will allow you to:
Enjoy a RESTFUL, uninterrupted night’s sleep, wake up feeling REFRESHED, ALERT and energized each morning, RELIEVE and/or PREVENT upper back, neck and shoulder pain, REDUCE and/or PREVENT snoring, teeth grinding and sleep apnoea.

About Reflexpillow Inventor

Noel O’Connor has been specialising in the treatment of back and neck pain for thirty years. To date he’s worked with a wide range of people from all walks of life who had or have back and neck pain. In all the work done with his patients he came to realise that a high proportion of issues with neck, shoulder, head and back pain were chronic (long term), similar in symptoms and didn’t respond to treatment.

He began to study the possible cause of these problems and found that something as simple as the pillow we lie on was the biggest culprit.
Once he found the cause of these problems, he set about researching and developing a solution. The key was the weight of the head in relation to the position of the shoulder which would provide support to the neck.
When your neck is aligned and your head is relaxed all other sleeping conditions improve, it not only benefits those with head, neck or back problems, but it can benefit everyone in some way.

Noel O’Connor
Noel O’Connor

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