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How Often To Replace Pillows | Tips From Sleep Experts

how often to replace pillows

How Often To Replace Pillows A pillow is an integral part of our life and is imperative for us to have a good nights sleep. Thus, it becomes extremely essential to ensure that the pillow remains in good quality. If it is not in the best of shape and is no longer providing you optimal

How to stop snoring: Top Tips From Sleep Experts

how to stop snoring

Snoring while sleeping can disturb you or your partners sleep. Even though it is not bothering you too much, it is not a condition to ignore ignore. As per experts, snoring could be a potential sign of more serious problems including sleep deprivation, obesity, or an issue with the structure of your nose and mouth.

Interview with The Sleep Guru Anandi

To celebrate World Sleep Day we chat to Alison Francis aka Anandi. Alison Francis (AKA Anand) is the founder of The Sleep Guru  and developer of Sleepology. She has been working in the wellness field for 25 years, working with busy people who are stressed, foggy headed and unable to concentrate due to sleep deprivation.


perfection pillow

We’re offering you a chance to snap up a wonderful prize for Christmas! Enter our social media competion for a chance to win… Two Perfection Pillows Two Perfection Pillow travel bags Two sets of Pillowcases Two copies of “How to get a Good Night’s Sleep” by sleep expert Johann Callaghan [gap height=”30px”] [title text=”How to

Just one sleep until the Women’s Inspire Network rock the Aviva this Wednesday!

This Wednesday the Women’s Inspire Network is back with another fantastic business networking event in the Aviva Stadium in Dublin. The Women’s Inspire Network was founded in 2014 by Samantha Kelly AKA the Tweeting Goddess, at first as a hashtag on Twitter and within just four years it grew into a global business community supporting

Perfection Pillow – Probably the most researched pillow in the world…

Reflex Perfection Pillow

In 2016 Noel O’Connor achieved phenomenal success when he launched his unique sleep device, the Reflex Pillow and the pillow still sits in the top 10 most successfully funded Irish Kickstarter campaigns. With over thirty years experience as a specialist in the treatment of neck and back pain, Noel noticed a pattern in the pain


After a really successful Kickstarter campaign the new Perfection Pillow will be available online at the beginning of September. Perfection Pillow has all the benefits of the original, complemented by improved cushioning and support. The pillow is patented and medically certified and protected with a luxurious zippered pillowcase. Also in the range are silk pillowcases


[title text=”Win His & Her’s Reflex Pillows! ” style=”bold_center”] What are you partner’s worst bedtime habits? Sometimes if we have difficulty sleeping its not always due to an issue we have ourselves.Sharing a bed with a significant other can be one of the nicest things about being in a relationship; some people even claim they

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