Frequently Asked Questions

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Why is the pillow I sleep on so important? Aren’t they all the same?

There are many, many types of pillows on the market today made of various types of materials such as down, latex, feather, various types of foam and believe it or not, even water! The pillow you sleep on is the primary support for your head when you are in a horizontal position. If your neck and spine are out of neutral alignment your neck and upper back muscles are not in a neutral state, thereby being overstretched. This results in cricks, neck pain, frozen shoulders and other muscle damage in the neck and upper back area.

Because so many people use “soft” pillows or pillows that are the incorrect height, as you can imagine the head is “tilted” at a non-neutral angle to the spine which not only causes problems to the neck area but also to the whole spine.

ReflexPillow was designed over a period of fifteen years of research, development and testing by a specialist in the treatment of neck and back conditions. The aim was to find a pillow that provided both comfort and support.

What causes snoring and how can it be prevented? Will your pillow help?

Snoring occurs when your body’s natural ability to move air freely through the nose and mouth is restricted. This is often caused by a narrowing of these airways, either from a poor sleeping position or abnormalities of the soft tissue in the throat which results in a vibration of its walls causing a sound your partner doesn’t appreciate.

In tests we found that the height of the pillow and the correct position of the head during sleep has a very big impact on snoring. When the airways are  naturally open the problem of snoring can be resolved or greatly improved.

The unique design of ReflexPillow allows the head to be slightly tilted and in a lateral upwards position, thus keeping the airways open during sleep.

I have sleep apnoea. Can your pillow help me?

Yes. The pillow is designed in such a way that it holds the head in a static stable position during sleep which helps people who suffer from sleep apnoea. This position of the head in a slightly tilted lateral rotation allows for the relaxation of the supportive muscles in the neck which are responsible for a lot of tension during the day. When the head is relaxed the neck muscles are relaxed.

Tests were carried out on a large group of people with sleep apnoea. In a number of cases they used a CPAP machine every night to help with their breathing during sleep. When we introduced them to ReflexPillow, in every case their sleep apnoea symptoms showed  improvement. However it is not a replacement for a CPAP machine and its important to always follow medical advice.

What if I have a stiff, sore or tender neck. Will your pillow help me?

Yes. One of the leading causes of stiff, sore or tender necks is actually from the head not being in a neutral alignment position during sleep. When the head is out of alignment with the spine during sleep the muscles in the upper back and neck area are also in a non-neutral position.

Unfortunately the vast majority of people sleep on pillows which may feel comfortable to touch but are in actual fact not providing any support to the head while sleeping. When the head is supported and the shoulder is in the correct position during sleep the muscles in the neck relax.

Is this pillow suitable for children?
No. This pillow has been designed to suit  adults.
Do you offer a money-back guarantee?
We are happy to offer a full refund on any ReflexPillow returned to us within 14 Days of receipt; where the pillow is un-used, in perfect condition, in original packaging (with tags if applicable), suitable for re-sale.
Do you ship your pillow all over the world?
Yes, We ship our pillows to most countries in the world.
How do I clean the Reflexpillow?

Reflexpillow comes with two covers so cleaning is easy because you actually clean the inner cover with a soapy cloth and let it dry naturally in the air for three/four hours, the foam itself is always protected by the inner cover.

The outer cover is washed as per instructions in a washing machine. You can also put your own standard pillow case over that.

Is the Reflexpillow safe?

During  R & D several materials were considered to compliment the unique shape of the pillow.  A new type of foam had to be formulated, an open cell material that wouldn’t overheat and had a reflex or quick response to weight bearing, in other words we took the memory out of memory foam, this is why its called Reflexpillow.

It is non toxic, no bromide chemicals are used in Reflexpillow.  

Will the Reflexpillow fix my back and hip problem of three years?

You have to determine whats causing these issues , three years is a long time to suffer from pain .

The problem with most people is that there is a mechanical or functional issue with the neck and back and if thats the case the pillow should be of some help.

Where  the pillow should be of benefit is when turning from one side to the other in bed and the design of the pillow takes this into account, the pillow has two head dips for lying on your left and right this is to allow you to ROLL from one side to the other without having to shift your body taking the strain out of turning in bed.

I have broad shoulders and I always sleep on my side, and I travel a lot. Is the height of the pillow okay for me?

Reflexpillow is designed to accommodate the average adult skeletal structure therefore the height of the pillow should be around 100mm to 120mm however there are approximately five percent of people who find it either too high or too low, if its too low it can be raised with a folded towel but if its too high it is not suitable for you.

If you have big broad shoulders the pillow is probably fine on a softish mattress, however hotel beds are usually firm and its sometimes necessary to raise the pillow with a folded towel for maximum benefit.