Noel O’Connor Reflex Pillow
Noel O’Connor has invested everything he has learned into creating one of the world’s greatest sleep products.

Over his 27 years of clinical practice, Noel has met with more than 30,000 patients in the United Kingdom, Ireland, and the USA. Noel was dismayed that many of his clients did not respond to treatment.

He asked, “What are the underlying causes of chronic pain?” His finding were surprising. The biggest culprit? Inappropriate pillows that do not support the anatomy of the human body!

Unimpressed with existing pillows on the market, Noel passionately researched the potential for a new kind of pillow – a pillow that could address the debilitating sleep deprivation experienced by his clients.

Noel conducted countless pressure sensitivity tests on feather, memory foam, and polyester-stuffed pillows. Nothing met his standards. After trial and error, Noel created a specially formulated blend of materials for the optimal pillow. And so Reflex Foam was born.

Pillow Design

anti headroll pillow

Anti Headroll

Reflex pillow has two head dips on the top side which are divided by a ridge in the center of the pillow which prevents head roll while you sleep. This center ridge is very important as it maintains your whole spine in its correct alignment.

neck support pillow

Neck Support

This pillow has been designed to position your spine in its correct alignment while you sleep, preventing stress and strain of your neck and shoulder muscles. While your mattress may support your lower spine, your upper spine (neck area) needs even more support as this is the area where most soft tissue and muscle damage occurs. It maintains the upper part of your body in the correct alignment position during the whole night

shoulder support pillow

Shoulder Slot

The front side of the pillow has a shoulder slot and neck support which is designed to fit your shoulder thus creating a cradle for your neck. As a result, this improves blood circulation and redistributes your body weight correctly leading to a comfortable night’s sleep.

Head Dip

Reflex pillow is rectangular in shape with a flat base but what sets it apart from other pillows are the two head dips (hollows) on the top side. These head dips are for those who lie on their sides. The unique design of this pillow positions your head in a slight tilt and thus your air passages in a naturally open position. This means your breathing will be normal or less obstructed thus delivering a more refreshed sleep.