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Dr. Joachim Becker gives his feedback on Reflex Pillow.

“I love the Reflex Pillow so much I miss it when I don’t have it. Not only should private houses have this unique pillow but it should also be in hospitals and hotels. I have six of these pillows because they really work”.

Dr. Joachim Becker

Gynecologist & Obstetrician, Neck and Back Pain Sufferer

“Reflex Pillow has changed my sleep. I no longer toss and turn all night!
Its firm yet soft and is like sleeping on air. Highly recommend it!”.

Taz Brown

Working Mother

Celebrity Suzanne Jackson gives her feedback on Reflex Pillow.
Suzanne Jackson

Celebrity Blogger

Celebrity Colin Baker gives his feedback on Reflex Pillow.
Colin Baker

CEO of Back From the Future and TV3's 'Gadget Guy'

Author Johann Callaghan gives her feedback on Reflex Pillow.
Johann Callaghan

Author | Public Speaker | Sleep Expert | Online Trainer

“It’s the best pillow on the market. My wife had problems sleeping at night and neck pain, since she started using the reflex pillow she’s had no problems. My advice to people is get one.”

Brian McDonagh

“Hi I am so happy with my reflex pillow that I want to order two more, one for my husband and a spare to use in our second house. I will go on line to purchase. Yours sincerely”

Geraldine Wilson

“Hi Noel, My name is Joshua, and I am from Singapore. I actually backed your Reflex Pillow on Kickstarter and I have received it via the pre-Christmas order package. The last two weeks have given me the most phenomenal sleep experiences I\’ve ever had, and I\’m most impressed! I really want you you to know that I appreciate your 15 years of hard work and research, and my sleep has greatly benefited from it.”

Joshua Lim

Tina Gering

Working Mother

Kevin O'Regan

Managing Director

John McHenry

Professional Golfer

“I used it last night, Noel. It was absolutely amazing. I broke my neck in the US Marine Corps in the 1980s; arthritis has since set in. This is the first time I was able to sleep without pain. Worth every cent!”

Sharon Crane

“Dear Noel, I would like to receive a replacement of the pillow. Eventhough I don’t have the physical problems some of the kickstarters mention (luckily) I did find the pillow very comfortable. I think I slept more deeply but that could be imagined. But even if that is the case the effect of waking up more awake is worth every penny I spent kickstarting your project. Thanks in advance for your trouble.”

Geraldine Wilson

“Hi Noel, The pillow is superb, and I’ve been sleeping on a Tempur mattress and a Tempur pillow for the last 8 years. Suddenly the Tempur pillow feels … hard and unyielding. Have a great holiday! Best regards”

Alexander Arvidsson

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