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Our Story

My name is Noel O’Connor and I’m a specialist in the treatment of back and neck pain since 1987. To date, I’ve worked with a wide range of patients including leading national and international sports stars from Ireland, the UK and the U.S. who either had or currently have back and neck pain issues.

In all the work I’ve done with my clients in that time I came to realise that over 75% of all neck, head and back pain issues were all the same. As part of my research study into the root cause of these problems, often life-debilitating problems, I found that something as simple as the pillow we lie on was the biggest culprit.

Once I had found the real root to the problem I set about engineering a solution in the form a pillow that supports your neck. Neck support while you sleep is absolutely vital. When your neck is aligned and supported correctly virtually all other conditions become non-existent. As the research and development of this pillow continued I realised I was not only developing something which could benefit those who had head, neck or back problems, but it could really benefit everyone. If all truth be told, prevention is much better than cure.

This pillow was designed to offer multiple benefits to the individual user based on information gathered through research of over 30,000 patient’s spanning a period of 27 years of clinical practice.Unimpressed with existing pillows on the market, Noel passionately researched the potential for a new kind of pillow – a pillow that could address the debilitating sleep deprivation experienced by his clients.

This diagram shows the results of pillow pressure tests carried out.

Noel conducted countless pressure sensitivity tests on feather, memory foam, and polyester-stuffed pillows. Nothing met his standards. After trial and error, Noel created a specially formulated blend of materials for the optimal pillow. And so Reflex Foam was born.

Our Mission

We try to help those who suffer from pain.

Our Values

We value all our customers and their feedback.

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